Spot UV Business Cards

Spot UV Business Cards

Spot UV Business Cards Printing –  Raised 3D Spot UV technique is a method of printing texts or image elements so that they protrude or raise above the surrounding surface. This creates a pleasing tactile effect, which adds depth and character to an otherwise flat printed sheet. It makes your products look stylish, professional and enhances the overall impression.

Spot UV Business Cards Printing

What is the difference

Feature specific areas of your designs, overlay a unique pattern or put secret messages on your design that you can read when the spot gloss captures light. Adding spot gloss to your business cards is not just a great design feature that makes people do a double take, it can also act as a security feature preventing easy duplication of limited edition or high value items like membership cards.

Spot UV Methods

There are number of techniques to use this method.

Traditional Spot UV Business Cards

Spot UV is a clear coating that is applied to chosen spots or area of the card. Spot UV coating is an eye catching finish that will draw your client’s attention to finished areas of the card when applied on the matte background. Traditional Spot UV is applied Flat.

It adds interest and will help your card stand out from the rest!

3D High Gloss Spot UV

With the new 3D High gloss Spot UV make your ordinary print project and make it exceptional with Spot UV and varnish finishes. With 16 thickness levels they can be anything from a minimalist raised logo spot to heavy gloss or complex membrane-like detailed 3d textures.

  • Spot UV Options can be included to
  • Laminate, gold, silver or colored foils
  • Varnish, 16 thickness levels
  • Ideal for business cards, covers, folders and anything on cover stock.
  • Mostly done on 420 gsm thickness vard stock with matt laminate
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Spot UV Business Cards