With Compliment Slips

With Compliment Slips

With compliments slips printing Brisbane.

Compliment slips are representatives of your business in your absence and as such should be something you would be proud to have someone look at and handle.  AllPrint’s 120gsm premium white stationery paper is ideal for producing your bespoke compliment slips to a level you can be proud of.  These DL comp slips represent excellent value for money and will really give your design a great surface from which to get its message across.  Compliment slips are printed then trimmed to 1/3rd A4 so that they fit perfectly into a DL envelope, or in front of a letterhead that has been letter folded.

Compliment slips are especially effective as a nice personal addition to samples or other items.  They also go a long way to making it less obvious what the contents of a letter may be, thus reducing the likeliness of anyone realising that there is a cheque or other valuable document in your letter.

Product Specifications

  1. Standard Size DL
  2. Single sided or Double sided Printing
  3. 100 gsm, 120 gsm bond
  4. Specialty Paper stock 100 gsm White Linen

If you want your compliment slips printing very fast then you need to look at our next day compliment slip printing service as this can in many cases guarantee delivery of your compliment slips in less than 24 hours to almost anywhere in the Brisbane Region.

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