Car Magnets Printing Brisbane

Car Magnets Printing Brisbane. Car Magnet is your business’s moving bill board. Car Magnet signs are durable, UV resistant and very impactful as it attracts wide range of audience attraction and creates a powerful brand awareness. Our high quality, full colour, custom Car Magnets in a large range of sizes to suit any vehicle. If our standard sizes dont suit you, we can make custom sizes.Car magnets are perfect for temporary signage or if you want to have the option of advertising different businesses at different times on the same car.

Magnets for cars can be stuck on car doors, car bumpers and windows. You can print brand details on the custom car magnet in any custom shape you want. Any shape with rectangle, square and circle being the standard shapes. These are stick to a variety of metal surfaces, printable and promotional magnets for car decals can be printed at affordable prices from Allprint.

Car magnets are flexible, magnetic signs that adhere to vehicles, typically on doors or the rear bumper. These magnets are often used for advertising purposes, allowing businesses to display their logo, contact information, promotional messages, or services on vehicles. Car magnets are easily removable and reusable, making them a convenient and cost-effective form of mobile advertising. They are commonly used by small businesses, contractors, real estate agents, delivery services, and other professionals who want to increase brand visibility while on the road. Additionally, car magnets can also be used for personal purposes, such as displaying school pride, supporting causes, or celebrating special occasions.

Bulk printing custom car magnets

The more you order, the lesser will be the total cost of the products. It’s very cheap and economical. The end product is of very high quality. Creatively designed car magnets help in boosting your brand’s visibility.
Choose your magnet’s size, choose color, include content, use pictures, and go wild with your imagination. Printing can be done in bulk numbers at Allprint.

Printed at a high resolution to ensure a quality image.
Top of the range 0.9mm thick car magnets to ensure they will stay on your car and last as long as possible.
We recommend a maximum magnet size of 600mm x 500mm for maximum adhesion to your vehicle
Do not damage your paint or car at all if cared for properly

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How to Order?

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