Types of Industrial Printing Techniques

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There are a wide variety of technologies that are used to print stuff. Additional printing techniques were developed for very specific applications. These include flock printing, letterpress, intaglio, pad printing, and thermography. The major industrial printing processes are:

    1. Offset Printing

Offset is the most widely used technique for huge range of products. In offset lithography a printing plate made from aluminium, contains an image of the content that needs to be printed. That inked image is subsequently transferred from the plate to a rubber blanket and then to the printing surface. The process can be used to print only on flat surface. At Allprinting, we specialize in Offset Printing Brisbane.

    1. Flexo

In flexography the content that needs to be printed is on a relief of a printing plate. This rubber plate is inked and that inked image is transferred to the printing surface. The process is used to print on paper, plastics, metals, cellophane, etc. Flexo is mainly used for packaging and labels and also for newspapers.

    1. Digital printing

Digital printing is increasingly utilized for print jobs that were previously printing using offset, flexo or screen printing. There are a number of other digital printing processes that are geared towards specific niche markets. Digital printing can be done in various ways. Two technologies dominate the industry:

      • Inkjet printer: the image that needs to be printed is created by ink droplets propelled from the nozzles of one/ more print heads. Inkjet devices can print on a wide range of substrates. It is also economical for short-run publications.
      • Xerographic printers: the image is formed by selectively applying a charge to a metal cylinder. Laser printers are used in offices, small run printing of books, brochures and other documents.
    1. Gravure

Gravure/ rotogravure is a technique in which an image is engraved into a printing cylinder which is inked and this ink subsequently transfers to the paper. Gravure is used for high volume work such as newspapers, magazines, and packaging.

    1. Screen printing

This technique relies on a screen, which is a woven piece of fabric. Certain areas of this mesh are coated with a non-permeable material. The surface of the recipient does not have to be flat and that the ink can adhere to a wide range of materials.

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