Plastic Loyalty Cards

Plastic Loyalty cards

Plastic Loyalty cards are a sure-fire way to retain customers, see repeat business and increase sales. We offer the very best printing service and only use quality thick card stock for loyalty gift card printing. Luxury  loyalty and reward cards could be judged on their looks alone. High-quality loyalty cards and other plastic cards can serve a range of purposes for your business.

Plastic loyalty Cards, Discount, Rewards Cards

Discount cards, loyalty cards, reward cards: No matter what you call the card, retaining customers by rewarding them for their loyalty is a smart business proposition. And since you’re providing them a card anyway, it might as well be a great looking one that reinforces your brand’s value proposition and helps remind them why they signed on as a customer in the first place.

This is a great way to recognize and to develop repeat customers. Simply give the customer a card after a purchase and ultimately they earn a reward such as a free product or a discount on purchase.

Best for loyalty programme

if you are looking to set up a loyalty program , then contact us and we can set you up with Loyalty and Gift card Design that is not only the most eye catching in Australia but also the simplest to use as well as being the most affordable too!

Plastic Cards Product Information

Plastic Loyalty cards

  • Printed thick 0.76 mm (credit Card thickness)
  • Full colour printing both sides
  • Variable barcodes 128, 39, QR  and other standard barcodes
  • Signature panels
  • Gloss or Matt finish
  • Writable

Cardboard Loyalty cards

Cardboard loyalty cards are inexpensive and can be ordered in small quantities. A stamp can be used to make impressions as per sales.

  1. 400 gsm card stock
  2. Full colour printing both sides
  3. Variable barcodes 128, 39 and other standard barcodes
  4. Gloss or Matt finish
  5. Writable

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