Car Service Labels

Car service labels printing Brisbane. Auto service labels or lube labels are an essential stationery item in the automobile industry. The service labels are printed using a clear synthetic material and a silver white material on the other side. Full colour printed one side and black on the reverse. Standard size is 40 x 70 mm.

Car service labels act as an useful reminder tool to vehicle owners. Usually the label consists the current odo-meter reading and the expected service required reading along with date. This is very helpful to keep an eye one the odo meter and schedule the car service appointment without delay. These are usually applied on windscreens and writable on the reverse side.

Auto service labels are manufactured or printed using special materials to withstand the heat and sun exposure. These are durable. Car service labels usually comes in rolls of 500 pcs. We can do custom sizes and shapes according to your special requirements.

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