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Corflute Printing

Corflute Printing – Corflute signs are lightweight, durable signs made from corrugated plastic material known as corflute. These signs are commonly used for both indoor and outdoor advertising, informational, or promotional purposes. Corflute signs are popular due to their versatility, affordability, and weather resistance.

They are often used for:

Real Estate Signs: Corflute signs are frequently used by real estate agents to advertise properties for sale or lease. They can be easily customized with property details, contact information, and agent branding.

Construction Sites: Corflute signs are used at construction sites to display safety information, project details, regulations, and contact information. Their lightweight nature makes them easy to install and move as needed.

Event Signage: Corflute signs are commonly used as directional signage, parking signs, sponsorship signs, and promotional banners at events, festivals, and exhibitions. They provide temporary signage solutions that are cost-effective and customizable.

Retail Signage: Corflute signs are used by retail businesses for advertising promotions, sales, new products, and store directions. They can be displayed both indoors and outdoors to attract customers and communicate messages effectively.

Political Campaigns: Corflute signs are popular during political campaigns for displaying candidate names, party logos, and campaign slogans. They are often placed along roadsides or in public areas to increase visibility and support.

Trade Shows: Corflute signs are used as booth displays, informational signs, and directional signage at trade shows and exhibitions. They can be easily transported and set up, providing a professional presentation for businesses.

Hi Resolution Print
Water Resistant
UV Resistant
Standard Sizes

Corflute Printing

Product available in the following standard sizes:

450mm x 600mm
600mm x 900mm
900mm x 1200mm

5 mm and 3 mm
Colour both sides or single side
Eyelets can be applied.

Corflute printing – Materials

Cardboard (Screen Board)

Low cost mounting board.
Only suitable for small size. Recommend to mount our laminated posters to avoid curling and have a rigid effect.

Foamboard (Foamcore)

Low cost.Lightweight mount board. Used in general display mounting. The 10 mm is recommended for larger sizes.

Artmount(Premium mounting board)

Lightweight, strong and finished with black edging strip

Forex (Foamex)

Very popular mount board for displays. Lightweight, strong and waterproof. The 3mm forex is flexible. Suitable for outdoor.

Corflute (Corrugated plastic board)

Lightweight cost effective fluted board. Used as internal and external mount board.

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Corflute Printing Brisbane

Frequently Asked Questions

Where I can print CORFLUTES in Brisbane?

AllPrint Brisbane offers wide Corflute printing service. We can produce different sizes and thickness with or without eyelets.

What is a corflute sign?

Corflutes are corrugated plastic material. These are printed directly on to 3 mm or 5 mm thick material. The ink used to print is UV and water resistant so these are weather proof.

does lamination required on to corflutes?

Lamination usually doesn’t required as the ink is uv and water resistant.


Eyelets are holes to tie sign using ropes or any other fastening products. Holes are protected with metal or clear plastic ring to prevent tearing.


Bleed is external margin to avoid white border around. Standard bleed size is 5 mm.

How can I create artwork for corflute printing? What programme i can use to designcorflute? what format file booklet design should be?

To create artwork for your corflute printing process, it recommended to use Adobe applications. Create your document as single pages. On the document set up, choose your finished page size, keep a margin of 5 mm all around. All texts and important elements must be inside the 5 mm margin as this is the safe are for trim. Artwork must include BLEED margin 5 mm all around. Document then can be exported to PDF. Choose press quality option and check trim and bleed marks are included. Supply as single document including cover pages and inner pages all in one PDF file.

Standard turnaround time for CORFLUTE printing is – 4 working days, though this would vary depending on quantity.