Wire Bound books

Wire bound books printing

Wire bound books are ideal for annual reports, cook books, company reports, instruction manual and other various documents. Wire binding also known as wiro binding. These are similar to spiral binding or comb binding but more stronger wires used in this method. Books can lay flat when opened. One advantage of wire binding is that this can done form 1 book as this is an easy binding method. Page number can be from as little as 10 pages upto 500 pages or even more depending up on the thickness of the paper used for printing.

Wire binding Books printing features

  • Strong wire holds the paper together.
  • Binding can be on the short or long edge.
  • Different paper thickness can be used.
  • A clear acetate sheet used as a protective cover and black leather grain paper card used on the back.

Book Sizes

  1. Common sizes are A3, A4, A5 and A6 although custom sizes can be done.
  2. Features
  3. Professional look
  4. Value for money
  5. High quality paper and print
  6. No minimum order Quantity
bound books common uses
  1. Books
  2. Manuals
  3. Business Booklets
  4. Company Reports
  5. Instruction Manuals
  6. Business Forms
  7. Numbered documents

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