Extra Wide Pull up Banner

Extra Wide Pull up Banner

Extra wide pull up banner printing in Brisbane. There are occasions you want bit more room for advertising on pull up banners. Standard 850 x 2000 mm may not be the right choice if you want to display this on a wide canvas. Our wide pull up banner with the size 2100 x 2400 mm is best suit to display your business promotion on a large open space specially on events such as sports and musical concerts. The wide pull up banner is an easy and cost effective way to grab attention of exhibition attendees. With an eye catching design, your wide banner will stand out from the crowd. Banner comes with premium black base and printed 1 side on quality polyester material and has stable roller mechanism. Easy to assemble, light weight and comes with a carry bag for easy transport.

Extra wide pull up banner Brisbane
Extra wide pull up banner printing Brisbane

Benefit of Extra Wide Pull up Banner

A wide pull-up banner can be highly useful in various situations due to its large size and visibility. Here are several ways in which an extra wide pull-up banner can be beneficial:

Enhanced Visibility: The larger size of the banner makes it more noticeable and visible from a distance, which is especially useful in crowded environments such as trade shows, exhibitions, or conferences.

Brand Exposure: With more space for branding, logos, and messaging, an extra wide pull-up banner provides greater exposure for your brand or message, helping to increase brand awareness among your target audience.

Information Display: The extra width allows for more information to be displayed, such as product features, services offered, or key messages, making it easier to convey important information to your audience.

Professional Appearance: A wide pull-up banner can add a professional touch to your marketing or promotional efforts, giving your business or organization a polished and professional appearance.

Versatility: These banners can be used in a variety of settings, including trade shows, conferences, retail stores, reception areas, and more, making them a versatile marketing tool.

Portable and Easy to Set Up: Despite their large size,  wide pull-up banners are typically lightweight and easy to transport, set up, and take down, making them convenient for use at different events and locations.

Cost-Effective: Compared to other types of advertising or marketing materials, pull-up banners are often a cost-effective option, providing good value for money considering their size, visibility, and reusability.

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