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Drink Coaster Printing – You could use posters and banners and flyers to reach out to more and more people and promote your business outdoors. But is there any way of marketing your business indoors? You might answer with danglers or wobblers. Yes, they are a good option for marketing and help you with the budget but aren’t they too mainstream? Because that’s what everyone comes up with nowadays.

What are coasters?

Often simply referred to as coasters, are small, flat mats or pads placed under glasses, cups, or bottles to protect the surface of tables or countertops from moisture, heat, or scratches. They are typically made from various materials such as cardboard, paperboard, cork, rubber, ceramic, stone, or acrylic. Coasters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, ranging from plain and functional to decorative and personalized. Aside from their practical purpose of preventing water rings and damage to furniture, coasters are also used as promotional items, gifts, or decorative accents, often featuring logos, artwork, or messages.

Customised Drink Coaster

Customise the coasters with your business credentials or an inspiring slogan and keep it at your employees’ desk as coffee or tea coasters. You can even distribute these customised coasters to your employees and clients or customers to make them remember you in a positive frame of mind. This way, whenever they have drinks, tea or coffee, they think of you and it spreads awareness about your brand name to others. You can even distribute photo coasters at public events or exhibitions to promote your business.

We do customised coaster printing with good quality ink and proper colour saturation. We induce your corporate colours in our layouts to give your promotional coasters an authentic look. You can upload a design brief to get it custom made form us. Our Design team creates stunning coaster designs and gives you ample of revisions.

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