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Mesh Banner Printing Brisbane –  Mesh banners are useful for building wraps or scaffolding adverts, as the material itself is both lightweight and very strong and durable. This has a number of advantages for outdoor use. Firstly, a mesh banner is extremely resistant to weather, such as rain or snow. Secondly, the lightweight means that wind holes are unnecessary. These qualities make it ideal for outdoor use, along with the fact that a mesh banner is not only flame resistant, but very unlikely to suffer from tearing. a mesh banner to both cover a building undergoing renovation or construction work while working as an advert or marketing promotional tool.

Mesh banner common purpose

Building Wraps: Mesh banners are often used to cover large exterior surfaces of buildings for advertising, branding, or decorative purposes. Their lightweight and breathable nature make them suitable for wrapping buildings without obstructing airflow or causing damage to the structure.

Construction Sites: Mesh banners are commonly used at construction sites to display project information, renderings, or advertisements. They can be attached to construction fences, scaffolding, or hoardings to promote the project, showcase the developer or contractor, or provide safety information.

Outdoor Events: Mesh banners are popular for outdoor events such as concerts, festivals, sports events, or trade shows. They can be used as stage backdrops, event signage, sponsor banners, or directional signage to guide attendees and promote sponsors or exhibitors.

Fence Banners: Mesh banners are frequently used as fence banners for sports fields, stadiums, schools, or parks. They can be attached to chain-link fences to display team logos, school colors, sponsor logos, or advertising messages.

Street Banners: Mesh banners are often installed on lamp posts, utility poles, or street poles to display street banners for citywide promotions, community events, or municipal announcements. They enhance the visual appeal of streetscapes and convey important messages to residents and visitors.

Retail Spaces: Mesh banners are used in retail environments for storefront advertising, window displays, or promotional campaigns. They can be installed inside or outside stores to attract customers, showcase products, or announce sales and promotions.

Trade show Booths: Mesh banners are utilized in tradeshow booths and exhibitions as backdrops, signage, or branding elements. They provide a lightweight and portable solution for creating visually appealing displays that attract attention and reinforce brand identity.

Outdoor Advertising: Mesh banners are effective for outdoor advertising campaigns along highways, roadsides, or busy intersections. They can be installed on billboards, fences, or building facades to promote products, services, events, or brands to passing motorists and pedestrians.

Mesh Banner printing Product Details

  • Mesh material lets wind pass through
  • Suitable for construction site fences!
  • Full colour high resolution digital printing
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Finished with welded edges and eyelets every 500mm around the perimeter.
  • Printing is UV protected and Weatherproof

Mesh Banners printed in full colour at a high resolution onto a strong 250gsm mesh banner material. We finish the banners with welded edges and clear eyelets every 500mm around the perimeter.

Other Construction Signs

High quality printing and professional finishing is supplied as standard. We also produce other large format printing products such as flags, banners, wallpapers, murals and sign boards. Construction signs include fence covers, banners, siteboards, scaffold banners and more. We cover a huge range of signage for the construction industry, from logo stickers for your hard hats to huge building wrap meshes.

Construction sites often offer incredible branding and promotion opportunities without the complications of requiring specific planning permission. Carefully designed  graphics will enhance the site, providing information to staff and passers-by.

Site Boards are essential for builders and tradesmen such as joiners, plasterers, decorators, electricians, plumbers, aerial fitters and roofers.

All jobs are proofed back to you for approval on PDF files prior to production.

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Mesh Banner Printing
Mesh Banner Printing