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Header cards are a type of packaging commonly used in retail settings, particularly for products displayed on pegs or racks. A header card typically consists of a rectangular or square piece of cardstock or paperboard that is folded over and attached to the top of a product’s packaging. The card extends above the packaging, providing a visible area for branding, product information, and promotional messaging.

Header cards serve several purposes:

Branding: The visible area of the header card allows brands to prominently display their logo, brand name, and other branding elements, helping to increase brand recognition and awareness.

Product Information: Header cards often contain important product information such as product name, features, specifications, usage instructions, and any other relevant details that help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

Promotion: Companies use header cards as a space for promotional messaging, such as special offers, discounts, or incentives to encourage sales.

Retail Display: When products are displayed on pegs or racks in retail environments, header cards provide a convenient way to hang and present the product while also showcasing branding and information to consumers.

These are commonly used for a wide range of products, including toys, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing accessories, and small electronics. They offer a cost-effective and versatile packaging solution that enhances product visibility and appeal on store shelves.

Bag toppers used in packaging poly bags, printed on premium bright white card stock. When using poly bags to package your merchandise, our Custom Printed Header Cards are the ideal place to display product information, logos, etc. Fold them at the top of your bags and secure them with staples for the perfect finish.

Header cards (or bag toppers) serve two purposes: it gives you a way to seal off poly bags so products don’t spill out, and it helps with product branding. Header card printing is popular because the simple toppers are a cost-effective packaging solution. You can even add holes on top (small round hole or UFO -style) so they can hang on a stand or rack.

Custom header card printing

Available on the inside of each as well so you can add product information, directions for use, and other relevant information that will be useful to customers. These toppers are easy to use. They’re simply folded over the poly bag and are usually stapled or glued together.

While they are great for those in the Textiles, Fabric,Food or supplies industry, there are other applications where you can use header cards as well. If you’re having an event and will be giving away gift bags, use a custom header card to commemorate the event.

Popular sizes include 180 x 100 mm  which all fold in half to half that size. Our printed header cards are scored for easy folding and are shipped flat to you. We can help you on design or to create your artwork.

We can also die cut to shape if you have a custom shape required.

Popular Sizes

  • 180 x 100 mm
  • Printed Single double sided
  • 300 or 350 gsm coated or uncoated stock
  • Scored in the middle
  • Supplied flat.


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