Floor Display Sticker Printing

Floor Display  sticker printing in Brisbane

Floor Display Sticker Printing in Brisbane. Social distancing Floor graphics are printed in full digital colour onto adhesive vinyl with a certified anti-slip lamination applied over the top. Current COVID -19 social distancing rules have increased demand in this particular product and many companies are requesting delivery at the earliest.

A Floor Display Sticker, also known as floor decal or floor graphic, is a type of adhesive vinyl sticker designed to be applied directly onto floors or other flat surfaces. These stickers are commonly used in retail stores, supermarkets, exhibitions, events, and other commercial spaces for promotional or informational purposes. Floor display stickers are often printed with eye-catching graphics, messages, or directional cues to attract attention, guide foot traffic, promote products or services, or convey important information. They are durable and resistant to foot traffic, ensuring longevity even in high-traffic areas. Additionally, some floor display stickers are designed with special non-slip or anti-skid properties to enhance safety, especially in environments where floors may become slippery.

There are 2 types of floor signs

Floor Display Mat Printing Types

Floor Display signs Indoor.

Usable on indoor tiles, carpet, vinyl and most of the indoor surfaces.

These are R10 slip rated and 3 – 6 months indoor durability depending on the traffic. Our Floor Graphics are designed to be applied to smooth, sealed surfaces such as polished concrete, tiles and laminated flooring.

Floor Display signs Outdoor.

Our outdoor floor graphics has a longer life span & higher slip/scratch resistance (CSIRO tested & rated at R12).

This materially is specifically designed for rough ground surfaces such as brick, concrete & bitchumen.

Finishes Available:

  • – Cut to size (straight edge only)
  • – Cut to shape.

Popular Sizes:

  • A4
  • A3
  • A2
  • A1
  • A0
Floor Display Sticker Printing
Floor Display Sticker Printing

and other custom sizes are also available in various shapes and sizes.

How to order your floor signs

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*This information is provided as a guide only and you must independently confirm that the slip ratings of our products are suitable for your application. You should always consider the use of a professional risk consultant when deciding on floor products. Allprint provides the information to the best of our knowledge and does not accept any liability from its use.