Recycled Paper Printing

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Recycled paper printing

Recycled Paper Printing – No matter how much technology advances every day, the Printing Industry also advances as time traverses. By looking back over the past few years you come up to a conclusion that Printing Industry is still in its maturity stage. Time is changing and so is the methodology of printing. In these years, we witnessed that the printing industry has not only advanced but it has also expanded.

You can see the advancement not only in the printing technologies, but also in the materials as well. Characteristics like the material’s weight, coating and finish, the size of the material used for printing, the ink, and also the weight of the paper used for printing makes the printing format varied from another.

A lot of modes of printing also emerged where the consumer got to choose from innumerate choices such as offset printing, digital printing and also large format printing. It got better when 3-D printing technology got in place and just blew away the design industry. All the imaginations got to life.

During such technological developments and changes in printing, there also arose the art of recycled paper printing.


Recycled paper is a type of paper where the waste paper is turned to new paper products. The word itself makes us understand that it is beneficial to the environment. The recycle paper printing can save your trees from deforestation. But that is not all that it is. But this paper is of less energy and water intensive than the virgin paper made from wood pulp. This saves paper from occupying landfill and producing methane as it breaks down.

Advantages of Recycled Printing

The best thing of a recycled paper is that it is obviously a recycled paper and another beneficial quotient is that you need not have to adjust with excuses like the paper quality and price. But everything has its own merits and demerits. The drawback of a recycled paper is the only unending question of “Is the paper 100% recycled?”, because when you actually dig deep into it you get to an answer that it wasn’t completely a 100% recycled paper.

Most of the printing papers which are present in the market today only contain a 30%; yes only 30% of recycled fiber. Only large scale paper companies create 100% stuff and that is mostly from post-consumer source. Post-consumer is something when you actually use recycled paper which was once used as a paper for home, school or work usage. Also there are papers which come from Pre-consumer source which is manufactured with the help of scraps.

So whether the printing paper you use is recycled or virgin, all it matters is that at some point of time it is possible that they are of recycled stuff and by some or the other way they can be a boon to the environment later in the future. This can only be met if you discard your virgin printed papers to recycle after its usage.

Thus, anybody can contribute in a small manner to the environment you live in only if you concentrate on recycling the printed papers after its usage.

Some of the recycled paper brands available in AllPrint Brisbane
  • Envirocore 300 & 350 gsm
  • Envirocore 120 gsm
  • Impact 300 gsm
  • Ecostar 310 Gsm
  • Kraft Brown Recycled 300 gsm & 70 gsm
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