Shelf Wobblers

Shelf Wobblers
Shelf Wobblers Brisbane

Shelf Wobblers

Want to attract the attention of customers to a new product? Shelf wobblers are great attention grabbers that you should have in your product.

AllPrint Brisbane provides these wobblers. Design them in any way you want them to. Choose your shape, style and design. The more creative and outstanding it is, the more attention it attracts. Whatever you think of, we will make it happen.

They wobble in front of your consumers, on your shelves, on your counter, on your bar, on your door. In fact, they love to wobble almost anywhere.  To print your full color wobblers with required die-cut shape and finishing email in detail. It is an eye catching marketing tool for use at your point of sale!

The wobblers are a great advertising media as they pop out and stand out from the rest of the product displays.

Shelf wobblers are versatile marketing tools primarily used in retail environments to attract attention to specific products or promotions. Here are some

Common uses of wobblers:

Product Promotion: Wobblers are often used to promote new products, highlight product features, or showcase product benefits. They draw shoppers’ attention to items on the shelf, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Special Offers and Discounts: Retailers use Wobblers to advertise special offers, discounts, or sales events. The eye-catching movement of the wobblers helps to communicate the urgency and attractiveness of the promotion, encouraging shoppers to take advantage of the deal.

Seasonal Campaigns: During holidays or seasonal events, shelf wobblers can be used to promote seasonal products or themed promotions. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day chocolates, Halloween candies, or Christmas decorations, shelf wobblers help to create a festive atmosphere and drive seasonal sales.

Brand Awareness: Shelf wobblers can also be used to increase brand visibility and awareness. Retailers may use branded wobblers to reinforce their brand identity or communicate brand messages to shoppers as they browse the aisles.

Cross-Promotions: Shelf wobblers are effective for cross-promoting related products or complementary items. For example, a wobbler attached to a box of pasta may promote a discount on pasta sauce, encouraging shoppers to purchase both items together.

Informational Signage: In addition to promotional messaging, shelf wobblers can serve as informational signage. They may provide product details, usage instructions, nutritional information, or other relevant information to help shoppers make informed purchasing decisions.

Clearance or End-of-Season Sales: Wobblers are useful for drawing attention to clearance items or end-of-season sales. By highlighting discounted products with wobblers, retailers can move inventory quickly and create space for new merchandise.

Shelf Wobblers Product Details

The wobblers are printed on 250 gsm Art Card die cut to size and shape. You can add a cello finish for durability and premium look.

How to order your Shelf Wobblers

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