Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets are a great way to grab their attention every time they open the fridge. Save the dates, appointment reminder, contact information, moving notice, calendars, whatever the purpose, magnets will do the trick. Printed on high quality commercial grade 0.4 mm thickness, our magnets are attention getters.  With gloss or matt cello finish, it comes with a premium look and longevity.

Fridge Magnets Common Uses

Decoration: Magnets are often used as decorative items to add color and personality to refrigerators, magnetic boards, or other magnetic surfaces. They come in a wide range of designs, shapes, and themes to suit different tastes and preferences.

Organization: Fridge magnets can be used to hold notes, to-do lists, shopping lists, reminders, or other important messages on the refrigerator door. This helps keep important information visible and easily accessible, serving as a practical organizational tool for busy households.

Photos and Artwork: Are commonly used to display photos, artwork, postcards, or children’s drawings on refrigerators or other magnetic surfaces. They provide a convenient and interchangeable way to showcase cherished memories or creative expressions.

Promotion and Advertising: Fridge magnets are often used as promotional items or advertising giveaways by businesses, organizations, or events. They can be customized with logos, branding, contact information, or promotional messages to increase brand visibility and awareness.

Educational Tools: These are used as educational tools for children to learn letters, numbers, shapes, colors, or other concepts. Magnetic alphabet letters, numbers, or educational games can be arranged and rearranged on the refrigerator to facilitate learning and creativity.

Recipe Holders: Fridge magnets can hold recipe cards, cooking instructions, or cooking conversion charts on the refrigerator door while cooking or meal planning. This keeps recipes visible and within easy reach while preparing meals in the kitchen.

Travel Souvenirs: Fridge magnets are popular as travel souvenirs and are often collected by travelers to commemorate their trips or destinations. They serve as tangible reminders of past travels and experiences and can be displayed on the refrigerator as a decorative keepsake.

Overall, fridge magnets are versatile and practical items that serve various purposes in homes, offices, kitchens, and classrooms. They provide a simple and effective way to organize, decorate, communicate, and express creativity on magnetic surfaces.

Fridge Magnets Product Specification

Commercial grade 0.4mm magnet material to ensure longevity of the product, and has a finished thickness of 0.6mm. Each magnet is finished with a Gloss/ Matt Cello-glaze which is extremely popular in the industry. Available in a range of shapes and sizes including 70 & 90mm circles, and business card and DL sized houses.

  • Various sizes available
  • Rounded corners (3 mm) for FREE
  • Matt or Gloss Cello Finish
  • Low quantities starting from 100 pieces!
  • 0.4 mm thickness/ Overall 0.6 mm thickness
  • Available Horizontal or vertical printing
  • Fast Turnaround up to 5 business days

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