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Choosing your paper for your print

Paper materials are classified by weight, coating, and finish. All papers are manufactured with a weight and a coating, while finishes are applied after printing.
Paper Types Options Weight Coating Finish

Paper Weight:

Paper weight is the thickness of a chosen paper stock, stated as a number and a category.
(e.g. 80 gsm text, 150 gsm cover)

Paper Weight

Paper weight indicates the thickness of the paper stock used. Our papers are divided into two weight categories:

Text stock: Measured in Grams per Square Meter (GSM ). 80 gsm, 90 gsm and 100 gsm etc. These papers are most often used for inside pages.

Cover stock: Measured in Grams per Square Meter (GSM ),  200 gsm, 250 gsm, 300 gsm etc. These papers are most often used for cover pages.

The lightest of our paper stocks, this is typically used for the pages of novels, or for workbooks. (80 GSM metric weight)

The thickness of an average comic book page, 70lb. text is also used for catalogs with high page counts. (105 GSM metric weight)

80 gsm:

Mainly used for normal document printing and photocopying in offices.

128 gsm

This versatile, medium weight paper is commonly used for magazines, catalogs, and booklets of all varieties.  It is also our recommended inside paper weight for hardcover books.

150 gsm

This stock is mostly used for bulk marketing flyers and brochures.  It is also our recommended cover stock for books with not many pages and many other saddle stitched projects. (157 GSM metric weight)

200 GSM

This is suitable for the inside pages of children’s books or coffee table books that want an extra-heavy page feel.  It also works well as a cover stock for many saddle stitched projects.

250 Gsm

Mainly used as cover stock in medium thick booklets.

300 GSM

A medium weight cover stock often used as the cover paper for trade paperbacks, graphic novels, and many perfect bound projects.

350 GSM

This thick cover gives a rugged, durable feel and is often used for any project that will be handled a lot, for very thick perfect bound projects of any variety such as catalogs or graphic novels, or for oversized projects

420 gsm

Mainly used for premium business cards and gift vouchers. The thickness offers a premium look.

Paper Coating:

Paper coating is the chemical coating applied to a paper during the manufacturing process.
(e.g. coated gloss, coated matte, uncoated)

Paper Finish:

Paper finish is applied to a finished printed product to seal in the ink and increase durability, stated as a finish style and type. Finishes are usually only applied to business cards, specialised prints and cover pages.
(e.g. gloss lamination, matte varnish, UV varnish).

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